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10 Reasons to Join Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek

  1. The Rabbi and You. We are blessed to have as our spiritual leader Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg, whom legendary scholar Lawrence Kushner calls one of “the brightest and warmest” of the new generation of rabbis, and who leads worship services rich in meaning and innovation. As a congregant, you can meet with Rabbi Goldenberg to discuss personal or spiritual issues, and ask her to officiate at lifecycle events for you and your family.

  2. Shul Days. Your membership entitles you to enroll your children in the higher grades of our excellent Religious School led by Belinda Brennan. And you can participate, too, in our many adult education classes, and in ways that heighten spiritual awareness and fulfillment.

  3. Your Family, Our Family. We rally around those in our community in need of help or comfort.

  4. Do You Have Interfaith? CBSRZ welcomes interfaith families, and our Rabbi performs interfaith marriages. In all, this is a very diverse community.

  5. Your Voice. As a member, you have the right to help shape policy and direction. You can also participate in planning, among other events, our high-profile cultural programs that attract fans of art, music and books.

  6. Holiday Highs. Your membership entitles you to attend our inspiring and musical Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.

  7. Tikkun Olam. Repair of the World. You’ll have a chance to participate in projects that address critical issues locally and around the world.

  8. Bargains Galore. Your first year’s membership is discounted by 50 percent, but that’s not all. All CBSRZ members received discounts for cultural events.

  9. The Good Earth. We wish you a long and happy life, but if you should ever pass away, we make available a resting place in one of our cemeteries.

  10. Did We Mensch-ion? As the son or daughter of parents who fulfilled the ancient obligation of carrying on our traditions from generation to generation, you have a chance to honor them and all who came before them as a present-day builder of the Jewish community.

You won’t be struck by a bolt of lightning

In discussing synagogue membership with a prospective member, he told us that he hadn’t been part of a synagogue in many years and was afraid, if he entered a synagogue now, he would be “struck by a bolt of lightning.”

We don’t question anyone’s previous religious experiences–Jewish or not. For those whose religious experiences have not been the most positive, we are certain life at Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek will be different–comfortable, joyous and rewarding. We guarantee that you won’t be struck by a bolt of lightning.

Visit us

To arrange for a visit, please call Wendy in the office at 860-526-8920

Membership Categories and Fees

Our congregation offers a variety of membership categories and options to suit the needs of families. These include memberships for family and individuals, as well as options for partial-year affiliation. Our dues structure is in line with other congregations our size, and we work to accommodate the specific needs and situations of our members. For details, please call 860-526-8920.