Religious School

Our Religious School is  devoted to fostering a positive and rich Jewish identity, teaching moral and ethical qualities, and imparting Jewish skills in a joyous and supportive community. The curriculum focuses on the teachings of the Torah and the  prayers and stories of our tradition, as well as holiday rituals, Hebrew study and current events. A special emphasis is placed on the value of tzedakah, community service and acts of loving kindness. For more information, contact Belinda Brennan, principal.

Belinda Brennan, Religious School Education Director

Belinda Brennan took an unusual route to her current calling as Religious School Education Director.

Belinda Brennan,
Religious School
Education Director

Although she graduated Hunter College in New York City with a BA in Psychology and planned to continue her education in Child Psychology and Experimental Psychology, her career path took a different direction. She became a Vice President at Chase Manhattan Bank, running a division of 72 people with 100 global security institutions as clients and was responsible for over 68 billion in assets. Along the way, she earned certification in Management from Smith College.

However, her passion for Judaism and Jewish Education led her to independent study in these fields and eventual to become a Hebrew School teacher at CBSRZ in 1998. In recognition of her outstanding abilities, she was appointed Education Director in 2005 Ms. Brennan has studied with The Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education and is currently a Cabinet Member of the Center of Jewish Lifelong Learning in New Haven.

Shalom Learning for 4th and 5th Grade (Kitot Dalet and Hey)

We are delighted to offer our students in grades 4 and 5 Shalom Learning --a new and innovative curriculum that blends traditional classroom instruction with interactive online learning activities to make Jewish education more exciting, convenient and fun.  These students will engage in lessons about our heritage and develop a strong, positive Jewish identity via the use of videos and interactive online lessons.

Each month the curriculum focuses on a different value we all share such as “using one's inner strength to do what’s right” and “taking responsibility for one's actions.”

Students enjoy learning about Jewish history, holidays, and traditions through:

  • Group activities where the whole family has the opportunity to be involved in the students’ Jewish journey.
  • In-person sessions where classroom students take part in enjoyable activities that reinforce learning concepts.

Learn more about this innovative program by contacting Belinda Brennan, School Principal at 860-526-8920 or by clicking on the following link