Rabbi Marci Bellows

Rabbi Bellows gives sermons almost every Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) usually based on that week's Torah portion or with reference to an upcoming holiday. The purpose of a sermon is to use ancient teachings from our tradition to bring spiritual meaning to our lives and to inspire us to act to make our world more whole and just.

Parashat Behar-Bechukotai: I Hope You Dance

With this week’s parasha, the Book of Leviticus is coming to a close. The opening verse of the portion serves as an epilogue to the book as a whole: “Im b’chukotai tailaichu v’et mitzvotai tishm’ru va’asitem otam” – “If you follow My laws and faithfully observe My commandments…” God addresses the Israelites who are about to enter… Continue Reading

Parashat Vayeishev: Divine Dreams

Parashat Vayeishev: Divine Dreams

  The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. – Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams, 1900   From ancient times through today, we have always been tempted to learn the secrets of dreams. Long ago, dreams were thought to be signs from divine powers exposing their will. Today… Continue Reading

Kol Nidre Sermon: Being Wrong

Being Wrong This evening, I’m going to start with three quick stories – your job is to tell me what they all have in common. On, February 1, 2004, many of us were sitting comfortably on our couches, surrounded by snacks and soda, gazing intently at the television. The New England Patriots were playing the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl… Continue Reading

Rosh HaShanah Sermon: Finding the Missing Voices

Shanah tovah! Each year, on the morning of Rosh Hashanah, we feel a sense of intrigue and trepidation as we listen, once again, to the story of the Binding of Isaac. The verses we hear from Genesis, chapter 22, are some of the most memorable, yet also most haunting and disturbing, words we read from our holiest text. We listen, once… Continue Reading

Parashat Eikev: Are You a Good Person?

Parashat Eikev: Are You a Good Person?

Shabbat Shalom. I’ve got a question for you all to ponder tonight. Perhaps one of the most simple, yet most profound a rabbi can ask her congregation. Are you a good person? We are in the second half of the Hebrew month of Av, meaning that the month of Elul is next. Elul is the month in which we prepare… Continue Reading

Parashat Va’etchanan: Love and Comfort

Parashat Va’etchanan: Love and Comfort

Tonight, on this Shabbat, a very interesting convergence takes place. We have three major events worth noting: First, tonight is known as Shabbat Nachamu, the Sabbath of Comfort. It is the first Shabbat to follow Tisha B’Av, the holiday that commemorates a litany of tragedies that have taken place throughout Jewish history, including the destructions… Continue Reading

Parashat Balak: How Lovely are Your Tents!

Shabbat Shalom. Hard to believe, but this already my fourth Shabbat here at CBSRZ. I feel that much more comfortable here on the bimah, And I feel that Cantor Belinda and I are starting to find our rhythm together. I bring my own story, energy, style, and perspective, and slowly have a chance to bring… Continue Reading






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